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How to use Swapnote on 3DS to DM an RPG


The Swapnote app for the 3DS was designed with the intention to, well, swap notes, which we guess are technically tiny stories. Imagine it being used to tell the story of an entire Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG campaign, though. Now hit the play button on the video above.

Ben Gray walks us through a game he played with some friends using the free app. Outside of some tedious prep work, it all seems to have went pretty well. If you have some friends but are unable to convene wherever mages and elves get together nowadays, you can still slay the Grue, climb the tower and rescue the maiden.

But it's certainly not a perfect system, evidenced by Gray's call for help at the end of the video. He's looking for people to help create a website and do a number of other things to help the overall experience, so if you want to get involved hit up the source link below.

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