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Italian court denies initial iPhone 4S ban


Samsung has lost another battle in its ongoing patent war with Apple. Its request to have iPhone 4S sales banned in Italy has been denied by the Italian courts. This comes barely a month after France similarly denied Samsung's request for a sales injunction against the iPhone 4S.

Samsung had already tried and failed to block the iPhone 4S release in Italy back in October, so this latest smackdown from the Italian courts comes as little surprise. Thus far Samsung has had no success in its pursuit of sales injunctions against Apple's handset, while Apple scored a temporary victory in Australia by getting sales of the Galaxy Tab banned there for most of 2011.

The ongoing patent dispute between the two companies comes as a result of Apple's accusation that Samsung has blatantly copied the designs of several Apple products, including several models of iPhones and the iPad. The patent wars haven't deterred Samsung from, um, paying homage to Apple's designs, either; as Macgasm points out, the newly-released Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is a carbon copy clone of the iPhone 3G's design.

[via GigaOm]

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