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Sprint puts the brakes on LightSquared spectrum deal, waits for FCC thumbs up


It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings and, in this case, she's still taking a very deep breath. After granting potential partner LightSquared a 30-day extension to gain final FCC approval for its LTE spectrum, Sprint is now pulling back from the 15-year resource sharing agreement that would see it building out and utilizing LS' plagued network. While the Hesse-led company has yet to issue any specifics of this course change, mention was made of "realigning [the] deployment timeline" -- so, the deal's not totally off the table, but it's definitely hovering in regulation limbo. It's a bummer for sure, as Sprint could really use the additional 4G spectrum, but no matter -- we still have the carrier's LTE-enabled Galaxy Nexus to look forward to.

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