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Super Crate Box iOS players collect a million crates in under a day


Vlambeer is "speechless" after 1,000,000 crates have been collected in Super Crate Box iOS in a little over 12 hours after the game's release. The math gets tricky here: that doesn't mean the $1 app has sold a million copies, since collecting dozens of crates is the focus of the gameplay, but it does suggest the title is doing well.

"We're afraid Apple hasn't shared sales data with us yet!" Vlambeer's Rami Ismail told Joystiq when we asked. "Apple hasn't selected their features for the week yet, but Super Crate Box came from nowhere and climbed to the top 100 paid apps in many countries around the world. We're practically speechless at what a rollercoaster ride this launch was."

The success comes as happy New Year's present. The studio spent the latter half of 2010 dealing with the Radical Fishing debacle, in which it saw an iOS clone of its browser-based game hooking App Store customers.

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