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Transmogrifying your way into the Stormwind Guard

Anne Stickney

If you've spent any time in Stormwind at all as an Alliance player, you're likely well familiar with the Stormwind guards that respond to emote commands. And if you're a Horde player who's stormed the walls of Stormwind, then you're definitely familiar with the Stormwind guards, although not in a friendly capacity. The uniform of the Stormwind guard is an iconic look that's been around since vanilla -- classic steel plate armor with blue accents, a shield emblazoned with the Stormwind lion, and the iconic plate helm all make up the look of the Stormwind guard.

With transmogrification, you can morph yourself into one of these classic uniforms as well. Even better than that, almost all the pieces of this particular outfit can be crafted via blacksmithing, without need for endless farming. Though donning this set as a Horde player won't make the guards any less hostile, if you've ever wanted to try and fool people into thinking you're an NPC, it's incredibly easy to do.

  • Head The iconic helm of the Stormwind guard is the Imperial Plate helm, crafted by blacksmiths.
  • Shoulders Unfortunately, the exact color and style match for the guard pauldrons is not available to players. But the Stormwind guards vary a little in armor styles -- the Imperial Plate Shoulders are a good match in blue.
  • Back Stormwind's guards don't wear cloaks; turn off your cloak graphic for this particular look.
  • Chest Your chestpiece will be covered by a tabard, but the Imperial Plate Chest makes a good match with the rest of the plate.
  • Wrists You don't really need to transmogrify your bracers, but if you're looking to match, have your local blacksmith craft a pair of Imperial Plate Bracers for you.
  • Hands These are the tricky piece of the set. There isn't an exact match for these available to players -- however, Field Plate Gauntlets make an acceptable substitute. These gloves are a random green drop that can be found in most level 40 zones or your friendly neighborhood Auction House.
  • Waist Have your local blacksmith craft up an Imperial Plate Belt for a nice match to the rest of this set.
  • Legs Imperial Plate Leggings are a close match. While these lack the blue accents of the real Stormwind guards, the gold trim goes with Stormwind's colors nicely.
  • Feet For the boots, nab yourself a part of Imperial Plate Boots, also crafted with blacksmithing. Again, these aren't an exact match to the Stormwind guard, but they are close enough that anyone looking at you at a glance will immediately recognize the inspiration.
  • Main-hand weapon Any one-handed sword will work for this outfit; however, the most easily obtained and nicest-looking one in my book is the Footman's Longsword. You must be level 60 and at least honored with Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula to pick up this particular blade.
  • Off-hand weapon If you are looking for a match to the Stormwind guard's shield, you'll want to complete the quest The Ballad of Maximillian in Un'Goro Crater. Upon completion, you can nab Maximillian's Shield, which is an exact match, colors and all!
  • Tabard There are a couple of different tabard choices for Alliance players. The easiest to obtain by far is the Stormwind Tabard, available for 10 silver from the Stormwind quartermaster. If you do any PvP, you may also want to look at the Private's Tabard, or the Knight's Tabard, both available for purchase with honor points. All three of these tabards are Alliance-only, so Horde players wanting to dress up as an Alliance guard will have to skip this piece of the outfit.
All Imperial Plate pieces are created with Blacksmithing, and they will require Thorium Bars, Rugged Leather, and a Star Ruby for the helm. Other options for the shield include the Commander's Crest off of Commander Springvale in the non-heroic version of Shadowfang Keep or the Aegis of Stormwind, a random blue BoE world drop from mobs in the 50 to 59 level range. The Aegis is extremely hard to happen upon, so your best bet is to farm the Commander's Crest or just head to Un'goro to help out Maximillian and subsequently nab his shield. Please note: This is quite obviously a plate set, so death knights, paladins and warriors only for this particular collection.

The key to this set isn't in nabbing all the exact pieces -- it's in nabbing pieces that are replicas of the guard set and pairing them with pieces that also match in a natural way. While it's not a precise match, putting this set together and /walking your way through Stormwind will likely fool people at first glance. So if you've ever wanted to play the part of an NPC or just want to kill Deathwing while proudly wearing Stormwind's colors, now's your chance.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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