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XCOM: Enemy Unknown returns to strategy genre, thanks to Firaxis


Were you thoroughly enraged when 2K Games announced intentions to first-person shooter-ize your favorite strategy game series, XCOM? Here's some potentially good (and calming) news: Civilization developer Firaxis Games is currently working on another totally new XCOM game, called XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Unlike 2K Marin's game (simply called XCOM), this one falls under the strategy genre that popularized the franchise to begin with.

Despite the strategy angle, the game is planned for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC for this fall. More info will be revealed in this month's issue of Game Informer, per the cover reveal. We'd also like to bet right now that the Firaxis title arrives before the 2K Marin one. It's a race!

It's worth noting that the first XCOM was subtitled "Enemy Unknown," though no indication is given that it's a remake of the original title. We've reached out to Firaxis and 2K all the same, but for now we're presuming it's little more than a nod to the original title.

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