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It came from the Blog: Caroling Carnage event snapshots


At the end of last month, It came from the Blog held its Caroling Carnage event in order to get the feat of strength achievement A-Caroling We Will Go. This involved putting on our Gaudy Winter Veil Sweaters and using them to carol in each Alliance city.

We met under the tree in Orgrimmar, and the world server crashed. There were only around 40 of us, but maybe the normal population of the Horde capital city couldn't handle so many under the already busy tree. So after we reconnected and dusted ourselves off, we zipped out to the front of Orgrimmar.

Our plan was to get to the area formerly known as Auberdine in order to get to Darnassus. A few of us were under level 20, so that meant hoofing it. We traveled to Razor Hill, sloshed through the mire to the Northern Barrens and then gathered at the Mor'shan Rampart. Then we stayed on the road, making our way to the Zoram Strand and then on the beach up to the wasted coast across from Teldrassil.

The gallery of our travels, as well as the continuation of our story, are after the break.

We formed a raid, and the highbies flew to the back gate of Darnassus. With the help of our sister guild, The Insiders, we summoned the lowbies to us and caroled our gaudily clad hearts out. Then the highbies flew to the boat to Exodar and summoned everyone else. We felt fierce as we sailed on the enemy boat even further into enemy territory. Once there, we snuck into the back doorway of The Exodar and caroled quietly before quickly porting back to Orgrimmar -- not so fierce after all.

We then took the zeppelin to Grom'gol in Northern Stranglevale and ran north to Darkshire and then over the river to Elwynn Forest. As we were making our way around Goldshire, one of The Insiders flew up to a safe place in Stormwind and summoned us. Next thing we knew, we were caroling and only had Ironforge to go.

We were spotted in Stormwind, but ported to the Undercity before any carnage happened. Once there, another Insider summoned us to a safe place in Ironforge (where the gryphons fly in and out), and we were done.

All this means that I did not deliver on the carnage -- just the achievement. It was fun anyway! See the snapshots in the gallery below. We'll have another event this month, so stay tuned.

Gallery: It came from the Blog: Caroling Carnage | 16 Photos

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