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Moog cuts the bull, reveals Minitaur analogue synth (video)


What's that noise? The sound of a thousand synth-lovers' hearts melting. Why? Because the godfather of bass, Moog, has just raised the muleta on its forthcoming analogue Minitaur bass synth. Inspired by the legendary Taurus range of pedals, the Minitaur (get it?) doles up low-frequency loveliness via two square / saw oscillators and Moog's notorious "ladder filter," imparting its distinctive character on all that passes through it. The retro pots and metal casing scream vintage authenticity, but it's not all about looking back. Sure, the Minitaur might accept old skool CV signals, but it also does MIDI over USB, so its small understated footprint will fit-in just fine, whatever your set-up. With a $679 price tag when it launches in spring, it'll cause more damage to your bass cones than your wallet. Check the videos after the jump to see the beast in action.

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