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Frustrated fans demand Motorola make good on promise, deliver unlocked bootloaders

Zachary Lutz

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Like HTC and Sony Ericsson, Motorola had previously committed itself to deliver products with unlockable bootloaders. In fact, the company went so far as to profess that it would make this functionality available across its entire product line by late 2011 -- subject to carrier approval, anyway. While the first two companies have made good on their claims, Motorola seems content to be silent on the matter. Certainly the international version of the RAZR can't equal the sum total of the company's promise, right? Now that 2011 has come and gone, some of Motorola's most fervent supporters are growing anxious. In an effort to grab the company's attention -- and see that something gets done -- one individual has started Operation: Make Ourselves Heard, which has gathered approximately 1,600 signatures from like-minded individuals, each who seek tangible progress from Motorola. If this issue is important to you, we certainly encourage you to sign the petition.

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