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Japanese hardware sales, December 26 - January 1: Pre-CES edition

Jordan Mallory

This week is gonna be nuts, you guys. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the largest of its kind in the United States, as well as one of the biggest in the world; manufacturers from all over the globe traverse the Nevadian desert in order to show off their latest tech, and our own Mike Schramm will be on site to sample their wares.

Who knows what kind of mysterious, life-altering devices will be revealed during the show? Will Samsung enter the console race? Will the Dreamcast resurface as a subscription-based set-top box running WebOS? Will Sony finally unveil the successor to the Move, the Okay, Stop? Keep an eye on the CES 2012 tag to find out!

3DS: 197,952 [DOWN] 284,248 (58.95%)
PS3: 67,199 [DOWN] 8,744 (11.51%)
PSP: 62,746 [DOWN] 38,375 (37.95%)
VITA: 42,648 [DOWN] 29,831 (41.16%)
Wii: 33,208 [DOWN] 57,968 (63.58%)
DSi LL: 3,356 [DOWN] 5,114 (60.38%)
Xbox 360: 2,453 [DOWN] 1,792 (42.24%)
DSi: 2,418 [DOWN] 3,476 (58.98%)
PS2: 1,659 [UP] 77 (4.87%)
DS Lite: 28 [DOWN] 4 (12.50%)

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