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Oregon Scientific's Time and Wireless Charging Station+ does what it says


Oregon Scientific isn't usually known for making gadgets that get cozy with phones and whatnot, but this year we'll be seeing some changes. For starters, this Time and Wireless Charging Station+ will be the company's second Qi wireless charging station, and it shares many similarities with its smaller predecessor (which is conveniently dubbed Time & Weather Charging Station): you get a single charging pad along with a monochrome LCD for the time, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature (five channels; one sensor included). Of course, the plus sign in the name means there are some extra goodies, namely a radio-controlled clock, a barometer for weather forecast plus a projector for the time and temperature; but you'll need to pick up your own Qi phone sleeve -- Oregon Scientific sells one for the iPhone 4. Expect to see this clock on the market at some point for around $129.

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