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Zelda lexicon expands, Gerudo language translated and fontified

Jordan Mallory

The Hyrule Historia continues to divulge dark, long forgotten secrets of the Legend of Zelda mythos. Well, mostly timelines and fonts, but that's still pretty neat for everyone in the Joystiq chapter of the Hyrulian Historical Society. The latest gem to be unearthed (insert appropriate sound effect here) from the Historia's gushing fount of knowledge is a translation of the written language used by Ganondorf's people, the Gerudo, and a font to go with it.

Decoded by Sarinilli, the same topographical alchemist responsible for creating the Skyward Sword font, the Gerudo language is also an alternate representation of the 26 characters of the English language. Strangely, the only numerals in the Gerudo alphabet are 1 and 5, which can be used as an effective (if inefficient) alternative for the Roman numerals I and V.

Hypothetically, this new knowledge could be used to translate Gerudo texts found in Ocarina of Time, but that sounds like way too much work to us. To be honest, we only joined the Hyrulian Historical Society for the political connections. The Gerudo Typography font is available for free, non-commercial use at Sarinilli's DeviantArt profile.

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