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EXOdesk hands-on


You've seen it shown off in poorly lit YouTube clips, now see in a poorly lit hands-on video from our favorite tech blog. The fine folks at ExoPC invited us up to their suite at the Trump hotel (which, by the way, smells exactly like you'd imagine Donald Trump does) to spend some quality time with their desktop extension. The core of the system is a 37-inch 10-point multitouch screen connected to a reasonably powerful laptop. But it's the software that's the real star. The tabletop computer is running the company's custom UI which is built on HTML5. Unlike other table-top computers, you're expected to use it alongside a traditional mouse and keyboard -- not in place of it. There's a dedicated EXOstore that's home to apps, also encoded in HTML5 and designed to run on any machine with ExoUI -- be it the EXOdesk, a tablet or standard desktop PC. In our short time with the desk, we were actually pretty impressed with its responsiveness and intuitiveness. As to be expected there are still a few kinks to work and some tweaking to be done -- but nothing that's an absolute deal breaker. The company plans to release a development kit sometime in the first half of the year, accompanied by developer hardware courtesy of Viewsonic. For a few more impressions check out the video and gallery below.

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