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Silent Hill HD Collection delayed until March [update: Konami confirms]


Update: Konami confirmed the delay with Joystiq, and said, "[the] Silent Hill HD Collection release date has been changed. The game will now be released in March. We will be sending out definitive dates on all three Silent Hill games later this week." We'll let you know just as soon as we hear what those dates are.

Original post: Time means little in the limbo of Silent Hill, so too would seem to be the fate of the Silent Hill HD Collection, which several retail outlets have moved to a March launch date.

The mystery started unraveling yesterday when Amazon sent out notifications that the release date had been changed to March 6. Since then, GameFly, which lists dates based off publisher information, and GameStop have also switched launch dates to March 6.

We've contacted Konami for confirmation. The publisher previously slated the collection for last autumn, then shifted the date to January 24 last November.

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