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Sony refutes Hirai promotion, says 'nothing has been determined'


Sony does not appreciate websites like us gossiping about Kazuo Hirai, it seems. The corporation issued a statement refuting "certain media reports" made "regarding Sony Corporation officers' appointments."

We reported last week that Hirai had been promoted to the position of president, following information published by Nikkei. However, Sony said it "has made no announcement in this regard and nothing has been determined at this time." It would appear Nikkei got the story out earlier than Sony expected (wouldn't be the first time!), and Sony's board has yet to approve Hirai's promotion. Or, of course, Nikkei's report could have been inaccurate the first time.

In any case, we hope you haven't ordered too many "Don't blame me, I voted for Howard Stringer" bumper stickers.

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