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Soulcalibur V advertisement debunked, junked


Following Namco's release of a controversial, crass Soulcalibur V ad focusing on ... non-fighting-related aspects of the game, the above image started going around of a subsequent ad that had reportedly been deemed too controversial and removed. The first post we've seen about it was on Digital Battle, but it's been picked up by a few others.

However, we don't believe Namco Bandai even attempted to use Voldo's codpiece as a selling point. Try to contain your surprise: as far as we can tell, the ad is a fake.

We don't know who's responsible for its creation, but we do know that the Voldo image used for the ad comes from a screenshot of Soul Calibur IV, released in 2007. Compare the two images above, and try not to think about how much time you've just spent concentrating on Voldo's business.

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