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Xbox 360 now at 66 million worldwide, Kinect at 18 million


Microsoft's Xbox 360 has had quite a year. According to a 2011 roundup video released by the company just ahead of its final CES keynote (prepare for Ballmer-age), the Xbox 360 now sits at a total of 66 million units sold worldwide. In case you're keeping track, that means nearly 10 million more were sold over the holiday season since the last check-in with Microsoft in late October.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360's motion-detecting peripheral, the Kinect, is close to doubling its install base year-over-year, with 18 million units now attached to consoles the world over. This does mean that sales have slowed compared to its bombastic launch, however.

Adding more chest-pounding stats to the pile, the video also notes that the Xbox 360's Live service counts "nearly" 40 million users now, putting the tie-in percentage close to 60. We expect to hear some of these statistics -- and potentially more -- directly from Microsoft head honcho Steven Ballmer in tonight's keynote.

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