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5th Cell planning four games for 2012, including Hybrid


While talking to 5th Cell creative director Jeremiah Slaczka about the new iOS game Run Roo Run, I couldn't help but check in regarding the developer's delayed XBLA shooter Hybrid. "Hybrid is coming along great," Slaczka told me. "The game has been heavily refined since we gave the first hands-on at GDC last year. All the same core concepts are there, but there's a lot of new surprises we want to show off. We'll be revealing a lot very soon actually."

Slaczka said that Hybrid is one of four new games 5th Cell expects to release this year. "Run Roo Run will be our first and Hybrid may or may not be our next, we'll see." Slaczka remained adamant that Hybrid would make a 2012 release. "We may be using Source Engine," he said, "but that doesn't mean we adhere to Valve Time."

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