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Analogix Slim Port technology lets you connect your phone to your TV via its microUSB port


Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ones, and Analogix Slim Port technology certainly qualifies as both. It's a cabling solution that allows you to mirror what's on your phone (while charging it when connected via HDMI) or tablet's screen to your TV via microUSB -- instead of needing an extra HDMI or MHL port. Analogix's secret sauce is on a chip embedded in the jack portion of the cable and because it's based on DisplayPort technology, it can connect using HDMI, VGA, or DVI connections. Of course, as an OEM, Analogix won't be selling the cables when they go on sale this summer, but retailers like Belkin and BizLink will probably put one in your bag for around $20 or $30 bucks.

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