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Audyssey makes equalization easier with Tuning System, sneaks inside of Toshiba TVs

Darren Murph

Audyssey, a company usually preoccupied with something related to audio, is announcing two snippets of news here at the 2012 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show. First off, the outfit's unveiling its Audyssey Tuning System (ATS), which is said to "dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with the EQ process." So far as we can tell, it'll enable makers of TVs, laptops, automobiles and just about everything else to use this stuff to fine-tune sound to the specifications they need, and we're told to expect ATS-designed products to hit the market in the middle of the year. Moving right along, there's the introduction of Audyssey's Premium Television technology in Toshiba's 2012 television lineup, which ought to improve bass performance and keep those TELEVISION COMMERCIALS from being SO UNCONTROLLABLY LOUD. Novel, indeed.

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