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PlayStation 3 sells 3.9 million units during the holidays (and other sales data)


This holiday season has been kind to Sony, the company revealed today, specifically the PlayStation line of gaming consoles. The PS3 was the front-runner for Sony's parade of prosperity, invading over 3.9 million homes during the company's unspecified "holiday sales season" worldwide. On paper, it's impressive, but not quite as much when compared to the competition -- the Xbox 360 managed to outperform the PS3, selling 10 million consoles since the last tally back in late October.

Other top earners for Sony include the PlayStation Move, which managed to -- wait for it -- move 1.7 million units off store shelves, and the PSP, which sold 1.6 million. The PlayStation Vita, which launched in Japan just last month, was snatched up by 500,000 gamers in the region, while the PS2 also sold a half-million worldwide.

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