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Withings' new cloud can tell you how fat you are anywhere in the world


Fitness gadgets are a big part of this year's CES and everyone's racing to get hooks into a cloud platform. Withings is pulling the dust sheets off its own health and wellness cloud that'll aggregate the data from your web-connected scales and blood pressure monitor to your eternal public humiliation. It'll also pull in data from Zeo's range of branded sleep gear and your RunKeeper data -- but it's not clear if you can edit out the evidence about how much you ate over the holidays.

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Withings Unveils the Withings Health and Wellness Cloud Platform!

CES, Las Vegas –January 9, 2012 - Withings is unveiling a new health and wellness cloud platform that integrates not only the data from Withings products, but also other fitness tracking apps/site or connected devices. This platform adds a whole new dimension to Withings' already successful connected devices for health and wellness, because it allows a Withings user's dashboard to function as their go-to site for all their fitness and health data.

Withings has been pioneering Health 2 .0 since the launch of the first Withings WiFi body scale by allowing any health and wellness online website to import Withings data to their dashboard, using the free Withings API. Today, more than 40 online services providers, which represent more than 40 millions end-users, are using Withings free API.

Now, on the new Withings Platform any connected device can now share data collected straight to the Withings dashboard.

With the new Withings Cloud platform service, Withings opens a new step in the connected Health and Wellness revolution and offers a single location to store, mix and record health data. On the Withings platform, new devices from other brands such as the Zeo Sleep Manager canrecord data and share it with the Withings dashboard. In addition, data which is issued from online coaching services such as Runkeeper, which has7 million users, can be gathered on the platform and are accessible on the Withings friendly dashboard.

Cedric Hutchings, Withings CEO and Co-founder says "With four different Withings devices connected to our platform, we've acquired a significant understanding on how to coordinate and organize data on a single online place. More and more people and companies have been asking us about the possibility to track other data on the Withings Platform. So, we're opening an agnostic Health & Wellness platform that can gather and store any connected devices and any health related data."

For Withings platform users, it has been made very simple to import new data onto the Withings dashboard. People just have to log in to their account; select the kind of data they want to import, the device and everything is done instantly. People can also choose to export data towards other applications or other devices whenever they like.

Furthermore, Withings platform is a new tool for companies that need a ready to operate online service.

In the US, the WiFi Body Scale is currently available for $159 and the Smart Blood Pressure monitor for $129 on www.withings.comand other retailers.

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