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WoW Moviewatch: Mad World of Warcarft


It's definitely felt like a mad world around Azeroth for the last few months. Not only are we all busy jumping on Deathwing's back, fighting for the future of the world, but half our compatriots are visiting another universe as Jedi and Sith. Things have just felt odd. The Pandaclysm is coming soon, when a third of our population will become monks. It's like the world is holding its breath, waiting for something.

Thinking about how it's become a mad world immediately leads me to Brunhila's Mad World of Warcraft. The song is a year or so old, but it remains one of my favorite pieces. Especially with the gear acceleration necessary at the end of an expansion, her lyrics ring especially true when we're all firing up and leveling alts. It's a great song, and it's standing the test of time. If you haven't heard it, you're missing out.

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