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Lenovo's IdeaCentre Q180 HTPC hands-on


Lenovo's IdeaCentre Q180 is touted by Lenovo as the world's smallest desktop PC. Coupled with a Blu-ray drive -- literally, using magnets to hold the Q180 to the drive and a USB adapter -- and an N5902 keypad the tiny IdeaCentre would make an amazing and unobtrusive HTPC. Powered by a 2.13GHz Intel Atom dual-core CPU the Q180 connects to your peripherals via HDMI, USB 3.0, or VGA. Full HD, check. 7.1 channel sound, check. Honestly, starting at $299, this 22 mm-thick box seems like an easy choice for somebody looking to get involved in this type of media storage and playback. Video and pics are just a click away.

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