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Line 6 Mobile Keys iDevice MIDI controllers hands-on (Video)


Musical device maker Line 6 has widened its range of music-making peripherals to include these two new MIDI controllers for your iDevice. It's the first (so it says) bus-powered gear that'll draw a tenth of your iPad's battery -- meaning you'll likely get nine hours of music-makin' on a full charge. We gave the devices a play and found them a joy to use, the keys were comfortable and had some weight, solidly built with chunky rubber volume controls and LED-backlit octave switch keys. The only downside is there's no natural slot (or groove) to place your iPad at the right angle for sustained use. After the break we've got a video with some pretty amateurish playing, but don't let the assault upon your ears dissuade you from how good this device feels. The 25-key version will cost you $150, the 49-key version $200 and both are expected to arrive before the end of the quarter.

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Dana Murph contributed to this report.

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