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Nyko Kindle Fire power case, Vita speaker stand hands-on


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When you've got a bad case of the short-battery life blues, Nyko, it seems, is almost always around to augment your troubles away. We hoped to drop by the outfit's CES booth to see if it's upcoming Vita Power Grip could do for Sony's next generation portable as it did for Nintendo's 3DS, but we were told that the grip wasn't quite ready for prime-time. Instead, we got a look at a pair of Nyko speaker stands for the PlayStation Vita and the Kindle Fire, as well as a battery powered case for Amazon's slate. The PSV's speaker stand is what you'd expect -- an iPod dock for the PlayStation Vita -- but the Kindle Fire varient is a bit more substantial, packing a onboard batter not for recharging the tablet, but for amplifying the speakers. The Kindle power case is interesting too, not only does the it promise to double your Amazonian slab's battery life, but it also relocates the device's power button to the front. Sound like your kind of design revision? Hit the break for our hands-on video.

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