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Amazon offering dramatic discounts on digital EA games starting this Sunday


Amazon doesn't care for your silly stack of unplayed, unopened games -- it simply wants to trick you into buying more with a variety of impressive deals, albeit on games that exist only in the digital realm. Starting this coming Sunday (the 15th) and running through the end of the week (the 21st), individual EA titles will be offered day by day at ridiculously discounted prices: Bulletstorm and Dead Space 2 for $7 a pop, for instance.

The daily itemized list is just after the break, should you be preparing for yet another (admittedly minor) assault on your bank account in the effort to catch up on 2011's best games. Might we suggest conquering the concept of time scarcity first?

1/15 – Alice: Madness Returns: $7.49
1/16 – Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition + Dragon Age 2 Bundle: $11.99
1/17 – Medal of Honor - $6.99
1/18 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $6.99
1/19 – Dead Space 2 - $6.99
1/20 – Bulletstorm - $6.99
1/21 – Crysis 2 - $9.99

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