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Apple bucks declining PC shipment trend, according to latest estimates


Apple remains conspicuous by its absence (again) at this year's CES, but preliminary shipment estimates for PCs sold in Q4 2011 show that the company appears to be bucking the generally declining trend. Worldwide shipments dropped 1.4 percent compared to the same period last year, with the US seeing a 5.9 percent decline. The global drop includes an estimated 16.2 percent decrease from HP while Acer battled an 18.4 percent loss in shipments. Staving off any decline, both Lenovo (23 percent) and Asus (20.5 percent) managed an increase. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mac shipments -- including both desktop and notebook models -- saw a 20.7 percent increase since Q4 2010. Who needs booth babes?

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