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FCC chairman implores Congress to speed up spectrum auctions, does it with a Galaxy Tab 8.9

Amar Toor, @amartoo

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski renewed his pleas for more broadband spectrum yesterday, and he chose a rather peculiar platform upon which to do it. In an address here at CES yesterday, Genachowski called upon Congress to hurry up and open auctions for spectrum, and to allow his commission to reserve some space for itself. "It would be a very serious mistake to pass incentive legislation and prohibit the FCC from using some spectrum for unlicensed (uses)," Genachowski explained, adding that these unlicensed appropriations would help spur innovation. "We may see innovations there that lead to more efficient use. To me, it's a no-brainer." It's an argument that he's been making for a while now, but as All Things D noticed, Wednesday's address was unique for an entirely different reason. For the first time yesterday, he displayed his comments on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, rather than his standard iPad. His thoughts on the slate? "It was all good," Genachowski said. "It was a seamless experience." He then proceeded, however, to send an e-mail with his iPad.

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