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Saint's Row: The Third gives everyone CheapyD for free


It's not like THQ is going to fly the guy around the world so he can meet your family and stuff, but you will get to download the CAG proprietor in Saints Row: The Third soon, just as promised. And he'll be a free download!

So here's the scoop right from the man himself: Xbox 360 users will need to either purchase the Genkibowl VII DLC for 560 MS Points ($7) or download the free Genkibowl VII Viewer Pack; PS3 users can grab him from the free CheapyD DLC pack; Steam users will find him inside of a compatibility patch on January 17.

Now, there is one catch: Before you can hear Cheapy's hundreds of "unique lines and exclamations," you'll need to unlock Shaundie's ex-boyfriend's apartment in the campaign, right after the mission where you assault the armory. If you're past there, don't fret -- you'll be able to start saving Steelport citizens dozens and dozens of dollars on video games immediately.

[Note: Trailer has some salty language!]

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