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Sony Muteki RDH-GTK33iP shelf system ears-on (video)

Brad Molen

In many respects, it could be considered a boombox. But if the Sony Muteki RDH-GTK33iP shelf system can't easily be hoisted above our heads in an attempt to win the heart of the girl we love, we simply can't bring ourselves to actually call it that. That's not to say it's a terrible shelf system: on the contrary, we could definitely use one of these in our office to liven things up on a long Friday, or even to throw into our own room. Perhaps it's just the pretty lights that change colors as you crank out the tunes, or maybe we're just enchanted by the 420 watts of power coursing through its electronic veins. Regardless, the built-in 30-pin connector for iOS devices is nice, but a USB port for flash drives and the built-in AM / FM radio are all included as a way for Sony to try attracting anyone that doesn't use an Apple-branded device. So if you're looking for a new system, have a look at the gallery and video below.

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