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Tamaggo 360-imager concept hands-on


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Why settle for a boring 62-degree view (the field of view of a 35mm lens) when you could be taking in the full 360? Well, we suppose iPhone attachments are needlessly bulky, and throwable camera orbs can easily concuss bad catchers -- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have options. The Tamaggo 360-imager, for instance, might be a pretty good option. This egg shaped (Tamaggo / Tamago, get it Japanese students?) camera natively snaps 360-degree images -- at least we trust it does, the non-functional unit we saw on the CES show floor mostly just fit our hand well.

Snapping 360-degree images seemed like an easy enough task -- a large silver button sits comfortably on the device's top, representing the shutter. On the eggs bottom we found a spot reserved for a 2-inch touchscreen, specifically designed to be viewed while holding the device aloft. The images can be viewed on the PC using an included application, offering you a Google street-view like look at your latest vacation pics. All in all, the Tamaggo seems like a very comfortable camera to use, and promises a fun gimmick -- we're just sad we didn't get to actually use it. Either way, we'll take a crack at the panoramic egg once its ready for prime time.

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Daniel Cooper contributed to this post.

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