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All WiiWare demos return to the Wii Shop Channel


In late 2009, Nintendo put five demos for WiiWare games on the Wii Shop Channel. Inexplicably, it was a limited-time deal and they all went away on January 31. Then, in late 2010 (and also inexplicably) the program returned, and WiiWare demos started trickling in at the rate of one a week. These were also intended as limited-time offers, which continued not to make any damn sense.

Now, in the crowning moment of weirdness for the service, all 50 demos that were previously offered in North America are now available on the Wii Shop in a "demo" section found within the selection of WiiWare "genres," with no explanation at all. Of all the bizarre moves related to this service, this is the one we can most wholeheartedly support.

Go try some demos! Lilt Line, And Yet It Moves, Bit.Trip Beat, and more are there to sample. Use your downloads to send Nintendo the incredibly obvious message that people like demos.

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