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Kid Icarus: Uprising flies too close to the 3DS, gets bundled with a stand


D'ya know what'd make up for a nineteen-year wait? Well, Project Sora thinks the answer is a plastic peripheral. Yes the long, long awaited Kid Icarus: Uprising looks like it'll be bundled with an official "Nintendo 3DS Stand," according to a tweet by the game's maker. It's no doubt a practical addition, as those analog-plus-touchscreen controls look like they'd make your arms tired -- which is probably what got Icarus in trouble in the first place. No word on price for the goods at this time or even if it'll travel across the pacific, but we're keeping our primary feathers crossed.

Update: We've gotten word that the stand will only be available in the bundle, at least for now. We'll let you know if we hear otherwise, but don't hold your breath for a standalone purchase option.

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