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Sega responds to its SOPA non-response with a joke video


In what appears to have been an automated response, Sega customer support told a concerned gamer to try performing a "hard reset on the device," or, failing that, uninstall and reinstall the app. Unfortunately, that automated response was to a question about Sega's support of the SOPA bill through the ESA, and not about a crashing app at all.

Instead of an apology -- or a real clarification about their stance on the controversial bill, Sega PR made this video making fun of themselves.

Of course, under SOPA, if anyone claims a copyright violation on Sega's little video here, even if it's unfounded, then YouTube (not just Sega) would risk having the IPs of any ad servers and payment processing companies associated with it blocked, cutting off its funding.

It would have five days to appeal this, regardless of whether or not it had violated any copyright. Following that, the complaining party could then seek a court order to block other parties, including DNS servers, from working with the "infringer."

If anything, that bill is what needs a "hard reset." Perhaps that's what Sega was telling us all along.

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