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The computer market with, without the iPad


It's the question analysts have been asking since the launch of the iPad - is the iPad a PC? Some analysts believe that the iPad should be a new category of devices and its performance compared to similar offerings running Android. Others notice that PC sales are declining, iPad sales are rising and believe there's a direct connection. If the iPad affects PC sales, then maybe it should be considered a PC.

Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore considered the notion in a recent research note. He produced a chart that showed IDC's global computer numbers if the iPad was grouped into the PC category. While all the other PC manufacturers show a gradual decline, Apple and its iPad show an almost vertical climb to the top.

This question about whether an iPad is a tablet or PC may get even more difficult to answer when Windows 8 tablets hit the market in the upcoming year. Windows 8 will blur the line between tablet and PC because the same operating system will run on both desktops and tablet devices. When analyzing the PC market in 2012 and beyond, it may make sense to include the Windows 8 tablets and iPads along with the traditional PCs.

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