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The Joystiq Show - 020: Staff check-in


You may have noticed some changes with Joystiq's entry into 2012. As much as things have shuffled behind the scenes, this is still the Joystiq that you have come to love, and the cast of long-time editors is here to discuss the present and future of the site.

2012 is set to be an exciting year for games and Joystiq, so tune in for a glimpse into what's in the wings.

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Host: Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM)
Producer: Jonathan Downin (@jonathandownin - Game Thing Daily)
Production Coordinator: Richard Mitchell
Music: Professor Kliq

View the full guest list and stream the show after the break.

Richard Mitchell - Reviews Editor,

Joystiq talk
Richard Mitchell - Reviews Editor,
Ludwig Kietzmann - Editor-in-Chief,
JC Fletcher - Managing Editor,
Alexander Sliwinski - News Editor,
Ben Gilbert - Senior Reporter,
Dave Hinkle - Associate Editor,

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