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New GT5 DLC lands Tuesday with Lamborghini and speed testing course

Jordan Mallory

Most of us, in real life, must stay content with occasionally going 10 miles over the speed limit in our used 2004 Pontiac Sunfires. We'll never know the thrill of triple-digit speeds, or experience the bowel-shattering roar of an Italian V12 engine; the harsh reality of reality is precisely why games like Gran Turismo 5 exist.

This Tuesday, equal doses of commuter sensibility and murderous horsepower will be available in Car Pack 3, the latest $5.99 DLC bundle of bumpers for GT5. The pack includes the Lamborghini Aventador, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, the endurance-tuned Jaguar XJR-9 LM, as well as the more sensible Mini Cooper S Countryman, all-electric Nisan Leaf and button-cute 1966 Volkswagen 1200.

In addition to the new whips, there's also a new course to test them on. Route X, available separately for $3.99, is a specially designed oval track with banked curves intended for speed testing. The track allows the user to measure their quarter-mile times, g-force and acceleration, so it'll be helpful for obsessive compulsives (read: us) who obsess over the tiniest of modification details.

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