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Japanese hardware sales, January 2 - 8: A personal appeal edition

Jordan Mallory

You know, we've been thinking about it, and now that fighting games are big business again, maybe it's time to revive some of the franchises that debuted near the end of the last era? Games that, for all intents and purposes, were never given the attention they deserved by the fighting game community or the gaming media. Games like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or Rival Schools.

So, Capcom (we know you're reading this, don't even play): These franchises were the lifeblood of the genre needed last time around; they just came too late. Don't make the same mistake twice -- do yourself a favor, get ahead of the curve, and make us another game about a dog that summons a robot car and a vampire named Vanilla Ice.

3DS: 240,819 [UP] 42,867 (21.66%)
PS3: 74,459 [UP] 7,260 (10.80%)
PSP: 71,033 [UP] 8,287 (13.21%)
Wii: 49,525 [UP] 16,317 (49.14%)
Vita: 42,915 [UP] 267 (0.63%)
DSi LL: 3,971 [UP] 615 (18.33%)
DSi: 3,565 [UP] 1,147 (47.44%)
Xbox 360: 2,738 [UP] 285 (11.62%)
PS2: 1,323 [DOWN] 336 (20.25%)

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