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Is this a Game Master in the Armory?


An interesting find appeared over on the Reddit's WoW community today -- a GM that appears in the armory.

The GM is named Melesong. She's a level 84 blood elf warrior on the Illidan realm. She's got only one achievement, reaching level 10 on Dec. 27, 2011. Her armor is sparse. She's wearing: She has no professions, no weapons, no PvP kills, and so on, but she's looking pretty in blue, plain as day for everyone to see.

This could be some odd glitch, or something else might be going on that we don't know about (perhaps a Martin Fury incident again, where some player mistakenly got sent something). However, that's all quite unlikely; this looks like a GM logged into the game world without their game master flag long enough to be picked up by the Armory, and we can all now take a peek and gawk at this for a bit before it's taken down.

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