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HzO's WaterBlock technology could make it to Apple products


While our very own Victor Agreda, Jr. checked out the Liquipel waterproofing technology at CES last week, others were checking out competitor HzO's WaterBlock technology. The Utah company told the Pocket-lint blog that they've been talking to both Samsung and Apple about applying the nanoscale waterproofing technology to upcoming phones.

A spokesman for the company told the blog that they're "in the process of signing up a major smartphone partner" and a headphone manufacturer. Headphones manufactured with the process would be impervious to sweat or rain damage, and could be used while swimming or taking a shower.

Having this technology applied to a next-generation iPhone would make waterproof cases like those from Lifeproof obsolete, although you'd probably still want to keep your baby safe from drops. For those who want existing devices to be protected from the ravages of liquids, it appears that ZAGG is planning on distributing the technology and hopefully providing aftermarket application of the invisible vapor coating. Check out the video below for an explanation of how HzO's nanotechnology works.

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