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iPhone and Words with Friends save a life


The widely-played word game Words with Friends has a built-in chat feature that lets players talk to each other, and that may well have saved a man's life. According to KCTV, a player in Missouri named Beth Legler was chatting with a fellow player from Australia named Georgie Fletcher who claimed her husband was feeling ill. Legler's husband Larry, a doctor, asked Fletcher to describe her husband's symptoms. Upon hearing the description, Dr. Legler insisted that Georgie take her husband to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, it was discovered that Fletcher's husband had a 99 percent blockage in an artery near his heart. His doctors said that if he had not been taken to the hospital that day, there's a very real chance he could have died.

From my secret lair in the South Pacific, I have an opportunity to see for myself just how interconnected the world has become every time I use FaceTime to chat with my dad in Saudi Arabia, Skype with the rest of my family scattered across the US, or bounce stories back and forth with TUAW colleagues all over the world. Moments like the one described in KCTV's story are where the real magic of all this great technology lies, though; someone who might otherwise have died is instead walking around alive and well thanks to the unlikeliest of tools and circumstances.

[via The Mac Observer]

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