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Traveller AR trailer promises the galaxy


Based on the long-running space-themed RPG, Traveller AR is coming soon to the iOS platform. The "AR" there stands for "augmented reality," as the title will use the much-ballyhooed AR feature to allow you to mingle the real and virtual world into one.

Just as in EVE Online, players in Traveller AR will hop in a ship and fly out into the cosmos looking to make their fame and fortune. There will be three races and three classes (Scout, Spacer, Trader) to choose from at the start and well over 40,000 unique solar systems to explore and plunder.

According to the game's trailer, Traveller AR space cadets can choose their own path to glory, including trading, missions, combat, and exploration. It looks like a crossbreed of a board game with a rudimentary space combat simulator, and the trailer gives a good overview of the UI and functionality in store for us.

Hop past the break to see the future... today!

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