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New BBC iPlayer stats chart the rise of 'connected' TV viewing


Thanks to widespread adoption and excellent cross-platform availability, the BBC's ubiquitous iPlayer is the perfect gauge of online viewing habits. New usage figures for December throw up little in the way of surprises, but still make impressive reading. The good old computer remains tops-of-the-client-pops for Brits, but smart TVs are taking a bigger slice of the (187 million) total requests, 7 million in fact -- a 1,000% year-on-year increase. More mobile telly-addicts saw smartphone and tablet views rise to thirteen million and ten million respectively, a growth of 163 and 596 percent. With 2012 offering ever more top gear and phones to chose from, we're expecting this trend to continue for some time yet. Square-eye stat-fans can hit up the source for the full breakdown. Hint: lots of Eastenders.

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