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Nexon signs agreement with Unity Technologies for development platform

Eliot Lefebvre

If you know MMOs, odds are good you know what Nexon is -- one of the biggest free-to-play publishers in South Korea with a stable of several games that have been quite successful in the US as well. You may not know of Unity Technologies, however. That may well change, as Nexon has just signed a license agreement with Unity Technologies to allow the company the rights to utilize the Unity development platform for further projects.

The Unity platform is meant to allow easier deployment of applications to alternative platforms, with the platform being in place for browsers, iOS, Android, and other systems. Nexon's agreement with Unity allows them full rights to the software for any and all subsidiaries, as well as the right to modify and alter the source code as necessary. Which projects Nexon has in the pipeline that might utilize this technology are unknown at this time, but it seems that the company is dedicated to branching out into alternative platforms.

[Source: Nexon/Unity Technologies press release]

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