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Teasing an interview with Guild Wars 2 on PvP

Eliot Lefebvre

As the promise of an open beta dances in the minds of the hopeful and the systems continue a slow unveiling, Guild Wars 2 continues to fascinate potential players with even the barest hint of what might be around the corner. The team at Guild Wars Insider had a chance to sit in on a roundtable discussion with the game's developers regarding PvP systems, but unfortunately the full interview isn't ready for public digestion just yet.

That having been said, the team did unveil a small audio clip of the interview to serve as a teaser trailer. While the bulk of the discussion focuses on trebuchets -- a known feature that is apparently coming along quite well -- there's a fascinating mention of a new addition, siegesuits, at the very conclusion. While there are no further details yet, it seems that this is a feature that will be discussed in more depth in the full interview, which apparently contains more items that may not yet be ready for public consumption.

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