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Turbine: LotRO cash shop stat armor 'creates solutions for players'

Jef Reahard

It's been an interesting week for Turbine, and the development firm has spent some of it doing damage control resulting from its decision to sell stat gear in its Lord of the Rings Online cash shop.

As we reported last Friday, the company has reversed course, first by selling stat tomes and PvMP gear, and now with new low-level stat armor pieces. Turbine's Adam Mersky tells Gamefront that this is a matter of the firm looking out for its customers. "This is us coming up with solutions to problems players are reporting to us. We're trying to create solutions for players," he says, before stating that Turbine is "not averse to puling things off the store if they don't work."

What about the eventual sale of high-level stat gear? Mersky says Turbine has "no intention at this time of selling any raid gear in the store."

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