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Allods Online bringing out Game of Gods next month

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're a dedicated Allods Online player, you've got something to be very excited about. The game's next expansion, Game of Gods has been announced for release in February, bringing what's being described as a year's worth of content to players in North America and Europe. This announcement is concurrent with the release of a corresponding mini-site previewing some of the upcoming features while still leaving teasers. Players will be able to explore over 100 new quests, take part in a new 10-boss raid, and enjoy the new Bard class.

But in true TV-product-announced style, there's still more, including a bump in the level cap, and epic quest to improve your character permanently, and expanded astral space to explore. There's also a teaser trailer and gameplay trailer just after the break to drum up further excitement. While an exact date in February hasn't yet been announced, considering that the month is nearly over it likely won't be too long.

[Source: Gala-Net press release]

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