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Elsword unleashes a new update for the new year

Eliot Lefebvre

The new year may have lost a little of its luster, but it's still pretty new. So what better way to enjoy it than with new content? Elsword's developers have apparently decided that there's no better way, bringing players a trio of new dungeons to celebrate the new year and provide plenty of action-based enjoyment for the game's fans. And of course, new dungeons means new enemies to tear apart.

Each new dungeon is meant to challenge players at a variety of skill levels, from experienced veterans to relative newcomers. Players who find that even the hardest challenges of the dungeons aren't enough can also turn on "Hell Mode," which promises to give players exactly what it says on the tin. A trailer for the new dungeons is just past the break, showing off the new areas and new enemies included in the update -- and really, who wouldn't like a new fistfight for the new year?

[Source: Kill3rcombo press release]

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