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First full-level playthrough of Monaco is intense, even for a casino heist


Last year Monaco won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and the Excellence in Design awards at the IGF, and this year developer Andy Schatz is hosting the entire show -- and Monaco isn't even out yet. It does, however, look like it can live up to its seemingly preemptive praise in the above video, which offers the game's first full-level run-through. (We've got a preview for you as well!)

The video shows Schatz playing a co-op level, Monte Carlo Casino Heist, with the Hacker and the Pickpocket characters. The gameplay seems frantic, perhaps because this is a later level and Schatz knows what he's doing fairly well, or maybe because robbing a casino is a chaotic task in general.

Monaco will launch on PC/Mac and at least one console when it's finally completed.

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